project focus Zishi Adaptive

Javascript based
Candidate Analysis Application
engineered with Vue.js framework


In late 2019 / early 2020 we worked with Zishi Adaptive to realise an application for their HR Team. The project brief was to create a functional web based application that enabled HR professionals to visually assess candidate employment screenings.

We agreed with the technical team at Zishi that Vue.Js would be an appropriate framework for this application, given the api / data driven requirements.

We worked with the UX / UI / Back End consultants to deliver the working application to very tight timescales

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javascript application development by M9 Digital
Mark created a fully functional version of our application, meeting all of the key deliverables specified for the project to a very tight deadline. We were really pleased with the work carried out
Chris Jenkins, Co-Head - Zishi Adaptive


As well as using HTML / SCSS, and ES6 Based Javascript, this project was a full Vue.JS build, utilising Vue Router, VueX for state, Node.js, Webpack, Axios, and lodash, as well as some other development dependencies.

A working application ready for production use was delivered on schedule to the team at Zishi, along with a well structured codebase, and a testable application.

javascript application development by M9 Digital
javascript application development by M9 Digital


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