project focus - Mark Price Photography

A CMS powered portfolio website
for a uk professional photographer


This piece of work is a Freelance piece for my other business - Mark Price Photography. I wanted a great looking, image led, e-commerce capable platform to be able to highlight, and sell my photography work.

A bespoke theme for Wordpress was the right solution for me in this instance, leveraging the power of the popular platform, while creating a completely individual theme from scratch. This allowed me to control the UI design, and the code architecture 100%, without relying on a mass of plugins and 3rd party themes where performance, semantics, SEO, UI and accessibility can be poor.

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Website design and development by M9 Digital
Creating a solid / fast, fully responsive bespoke platform for my photography business was an important step to commercialise my work, and allow me to market it effectively. Having complete technical control of the architecture enables me to rapidly add further functionality at scale whenever required.


The traditional front end Languages are used here - 'Vanilla' Javascript, SCSS, HTML5 - I believe that quick, semantic, accessible websites are fundamentally important for good user experience.

The challenge was to ensure that the image heavy areas of the site would still render seamlessly, and very quickly regardless of connection speed / device type.

Website design and development by M9 Digital
Website design and development by M9 Digital


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