project focus - Travel Corporation

Javascript based
Website Search Application
and responsive website


In late 2018, we worked with The Travel Corporation, a multi-national group of travel and leisure companies.

The project brief was two-fold - create a search application for an upcoming travel website, and retro-fit responsive design into that same website architecture ( designs were desktop first for initial build ).

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javascript application development by M9 Digital
M9 Digital provided us with a key component for one of our website offerings - A very quick search facility for our customers to explore the travel tours and packages on offer. The work was completed in line with our requirements and delivered on time, as promised. We were hugely pleased with the work that Mark completed
Aadil Quayium - Software Delivery Manager, TTC Group Tech, London


Using Vue.js, a bespoke search application was created that was able to be dropped into the existing website development effort.

A fast, restful based, reactive customer search facility was introduced, built to the customer's specification, and time deadlines.

The large screen based code architecture was also re-arranged to complete the responsive requirements of the project so that the website was legible and presentable regardless of the type of device accessing it.

Accessibility across the whole website was enhanced with improvements to HTML structure, and JavaScript Development

javascript application development by M9 Digital
javascript application development by M9 Digital


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