project focus - Think Rise

Website Re-Brand for Fintech organisation


M9 Digital we asked to assist in the re-design and Front End Development of during the late part of 2016.

We were asked to work with a partner agency for the business to deliver the Front-end re-skin, based on the Ruby on Rails application

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website development by M9 Digital
A very talented developer. Able to quickly understand requirements, add much needed creative input before then executing really effectively
Mark Jannetta, VP - Global Innovation Hubs, Think Rise


The UI framework for the application was developed using HTML5 / SCSS / JavaScript and some development / build tools.

Creating the CSS framework involved stripping down Bootstrap to just the required components, and adding an additional layer of CSS that provided the branded look required by Think Rise.

The coding work was delivered to the project delivery team and placed into production at the end of 2016

website development by M9 Digital
website development by M9 Digital


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