project focus - Object Tech

Brochure Website Development
for UK Blockchain start-up business


In early 2019, we worked with Object Tech Limited, a BlockChain start-up business, in order to create a simple, but professional web presence.

We created a single page, animated website, highlighting the key facets of ObjectTech's business proposition. The website used both images, and video to engage visitors to the site.

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Website development by M9 Digital
M9 Digital created a website for us in a few days that allowed us to promote our business at international trade expos during March 2019. The work was slick and professional, and provided us with a great presence online.
Paul Ferris - Managing Director, Object Tech Group


Using traditional Front-End languages - HTML / CSS / JavaScript, we were asked to deliver a website that could be used by the business owners to promote the company as they travelled internationally to explore new business opportunities for their BlockChain Technology.

We achieved this in 5 working days, to meet the very tight timescales the owners were working towards, with their travel and business plans. The website was a successful instrument in attracting new business ot the company.

Website application development by M9 Digital
Website application development by M9 Digital


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