project focus - Jisc Collections

Web Based Application
code refinement and UI design for UK University Support Business


In 2019, we completed a concentrated piece of work for Jisc ( )

The brief was to join an existing development team, and refine their Front End Development / Design effort for Jisc Collections, a website being re-built for their organisation.

We were given a 5 week deadline to produce the design work, implement any designs in code, and get the UI presentation layer of the whole site production ready.

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javascript application development by M9 Digital
We were extremely pleased with the development and consultancy work that Mark completed for us in a short period of time. The overall look of the site was vastly improved, and the new design work fitted very well with our brand guidelines
Donna Baker - Software Delivery Manager, Jisc Collections


We created a number of fresh designs for the User Account sections of the website, as well as re-engineering many aspects of the Front End Code to improve structure, semantics, and accessibility.

We also revised the structure of the build process in Node / Webpack in order to allow for better framework use in the future.

Both SCSS, and HTML code standards were significantly improved, allowing the internal developers to further progress the project

javascript application development by M9 Digital
javascript application development by M9 Digital


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