project focus - Investec Bank PLC

Communications Templating Framework
for International Private Banking Business


During early 2018, we worked with Investec Bank PLC to restructure their Client Communications Architecture.

Originally, client emails and statements were being statically built, or created externally - the turnaround being at least 2-3 days, with little consideration for scale, design consistency, or code re-use.

The objectives were to re-engineer both the templates, and the build processes for each mail-out, as well as coaching internal engineers on best practices for Front End Code.

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communication framework development by M9 Digital
Mark was able to completely re-engineer our email and statement production processes into a structured, scalable framework for quickly generationg customer communications. He also completed a re-branding exercise of a large number of our templates during the build process that significantly improved the quality and flexibility of our emails and statements.
Paul Cross - Domain Lead - UK Comms Team, Investec


We worked to create a bespoke component / template based framework with HTML / SCSS, Node, Gulp, and Javascript that enabled the Comms Team to be able to produce new email and statement communications in a matter of 2-3 hours.

By creating a series of re-usable components, email / statement boiler-plates, and an abstracted SCSS framework, the development and production processes were completely streamlined, and refined into a scalable build system, with a high level of re-use, and adaptability to corporate brand requirements.

We also engineered all of the new templates / boiler-plates to work across all devices, rather than just for 'desktop' based email client software.

The internal developers were left with a clear architecture for future development with a pattern library, as we as much clearer vision on how to construct front-end code.

communication framework development by M9 Digital
communication framework development by M9 Digital


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