project focus - Frotcom Ireland

Wordpress based website for
International Haulage Business


In early 2020, I was commissioned to create a custom Wordpress Theme for Frotcom Ireland, Ireland based Haulage Specialists

The brief was to produce a semantic, seo compatible, CMS based website, that completely matched UI design specification, as well as making the UI patterns for navigating he key areas of the site perform well with a pleasing user experience.

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wordpress website development by M9 Digital
M9 Digital created a CMS and website based on our UI / Functional requirements with high accuracy, and within the timescales we had set for the project - we were exceptionally satisfied with the work
Chad Durham, Director, Big Hello Design


The traditional front end languages are used here - 'Vanilla' Javascript, SCSS, HTML5.

SEO was important to the business, and so well defined copy, with properly written HTML mark-up, delivered via a traditional CMS based website was a great fit technically.

To solve the navigational challenge, a pattern was used that enables a user to click on a menu item for larger screens, or use a native select for mobile devices in a simliar vein to a native mobile application.

wordpress website development by M9 Digital
wordpress website development by M9 Digital


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