project focus - Collective London

Animated Website Development for
Hyundai N Range Cars
with Collective London


In August 2019, we worked with Collective London to produce a microsite for Hyundai's new sports range - the N series of cars.

The objectives set were to create both a 'desktop' and 'mobile' version of a brochure type website for Hyundai, using the UI requirements created by the talented UI team at Collective

The code needed to follow the clear conventions set by the technical team at Collective, while the look and feel had to match the UI designs 100%

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website development by M9 Digital
Mark at M9 Digital quickly and accurately worked through the design / development brief provided to him, and produced the microsite expected, enabling the piece to be delivered to Hyundai's production site. Mark's skills were super useful to us!
Collective Design Agency, London


We delivered a working model of both aspects of the site with Collective, and worked with the CMS team to integrate the code into the Hyundai Production Environment

We also re-engineered the build tooling for the whole Hyundai Project, integrating a modular gulp build to enhance the technical framework for other developers in the future.

website development by M9 Digital
website development by M9 Digital


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