project focus - Body & Face

Bespoke Ecommerce
Website development
created with Shopify


In May 2020 we worked with a Sussex Beauty Boutique to create an online platform for them to market and sell their beauty products online.

Using the Shopify platform, we created a bespoke theme for the company that delivered ecommerce capability within a week. The shop is fully responsive, and provides an excellent CMS for the business owners to be able to develop and enrich their sales capabilities.

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website development by M9 Digital
Our new shop is a great addition to our mechanisms for sales - particularly at a hugely difficult time for face to face business. The shop was ready within a week, and we are already making sales!
Sharon Sadler - Body and Face Ltd


Getting this shop online quickly was one of the key deliverables for this project. The business had been impacted by COVID-19, and needed to be able to trade online. We delivered a working shop in 7 days

Being able to manage the inventory and marketing for the online platform was also very important for the business. We took advantage of Shopify's capabilities to deliver a bespoke theme with a CMS that is very usable for non technical personnel.

website development by M9 Digital
website development by M9 Digital


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