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Offline Capable Website
for Pharmaceutical Business


During Summer of 2020, I worked with Pegasus Public Relations to deliver a re-engineer of an application highlighting the properties of a medication.

The aims for this project were two-fold - apply a completely new UI design for the application, and also make the application fully available offline,

so that the representatives of the business are able to use the app in locations where network access can be difficult, such as hospitals.

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wordpress website development by M9 Digital
Mark delivered the re-build / re-design of this project to our design standards, as well as re-engineering the code-base, adding full off-line access with Service Workers, and up to date build tooling for the project. Excellent work!
Pegasus Public Relations


The traditional front end languages are used here - 'Vanilla' Javascript, SCSS, HTML5, as well as the Service Worker, and Cache API's

The UI re-design needed to be delivered exactly as the design team had specified, while swapping out the deprecated application cache, and replacing with

a Service Worker approach, coupled with the use of the Cache API to ensure full application access at any time.

The build tooling for the project was also very dated, with little documentation, so a re-build of that was undertaken, along with the addition of some clear directions for other developers to follow in future.

The result - an up to date application, applying the great UI of the design team at Pegasus, with seamless offline operation, and an industry standard development environment for further content changes going forward.

offline application development by M9 Digital
offline application development by M9 Digital


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