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Case Study - Investec Bank PLC

During early 2018, we worked with Investec Bank PLC to restructure their Client Communications Architecture.

Originally, client emails and statements were being statically built, or created externally - the turnaround being at least 2-3 days, with little consideration for scale, design consistency, or code re-use.

We worked to create a bespoke component / template based framework with HTML / SCSS, Node, Gulp, and Javascript that enabled the Comms Team to be able to produce new email and statement communications in a matter of 2-3 hours.

Barclays Smart Investor

By creating a series of re-usable components, email / statement boilerplates, and an abstracted SCSS framework, the development and production processes were completely streamlined, and refined into a scalable build system, with a high level of re-use, and adaptability to corporate brand requirements.

We also engineered all of the new templates / boilerplates to work across all devices, rather than just for 'desktop' based email client software.

Mark was able to completely re-engineer our email and statement production processes into a structured, scalable framework for quickly generationg customer communications. He also completed a re-branding exercise of a large number of our templates during the build process that significantly improved the quality and flexibility of our emails and statements.

Paul Cross - Domain Lead - UK Comms Team, Investec

Our work involved the following for Investec:

  • Creation of Base Email Templates
  • Creation of Node / Gulp Based Build System
  • Creation of SCSS Frameworks x 2
  • Creation of HTML Email Components
  • Creation of HTML Statement Components
  • Creation of Pattern Library for frameworks
  • Coaching and training of in-house developers

The frameworks are now in production at Investec, and are used daily to produce customer communications
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